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Best Breweries in Carlisle, PA

Carlisle is a beautiful college town in central Pennsylvania with many restaurants, breweries and things to do. With so many options, no weekend in Carlisle ever has to be the same. From art museums to outdoor recreational opportunities, there are plenty of options to make your weekends and evenings exciting. But, often times, we want to take a break from our busy lives to simply relax and enjoy a refreshing pint of beer.  Carlisle’s craft brewery scene has been growing rapidly the past few years. From new spots like Burd’s Nest to the expansion of Molly Pitchers, if you are looking for options to find the best brewery in town, we have got that covered for you.

Here are our top places to grab a local brew in Carlisle, PA. 

Molly Pitcher Brewing

This microbrewery in Carlisle, named after a local revolutionary legend, has over 20 rotating taps and an outdoor dining area. The Molly Pitcher Brewing Company features a wide array of beer selection, it is indeed a paradise for beer lovers. We highly recommend their Chocolate Porter and other local craft brews. The new spot on High St, one of Carlisle’s two main streets, is a perfect spot to enjoy an evening out in town with good food (the fried chicken sandwich is amazing!), beer, and music, an overall great atmosphere! They even have pretty good tasting cocktails-in-a-can for your guests that prefer something other than beer. 

Burd's Nest Brewing

Started as a college dream, Burd’s Nest Brewing is a labor of love. Located on N. Hanover St, Burd’s Nest has an impressively large indoor space with ample seating to enjoy the welcoming ambiance. 

On tap, they usually have a handful of thoughtfully crafted beers, with usually one or two specific to the season. A favorite is Burd on Market, a German hopped traditional German Pilsner. If you make it there this summer, make sure to try their Summer Wheat, or even their Strawberry Summer Wheat for a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. 

Food is provided through a partnership with Seve-N-Dots, which if you’ve been there you know that its some of the best pizza in town. 

One of our favorite thing about Burd’s Nest is that they are regularly hosting events, from live music, lectures by professors from the local Army War College, to cornhole tournaments! Whether you go for an event, or just to enjoy a beer, feel free to chat with the owner who is happy to share his passion for brewing.

Market Cross Pub and Brewery

Whether you are looking for an international selection of beers or just ales, Market Cross Pub and Brewery is an excellent place of choice for your evenings. 

This cozy bar serves over 250 varieties of beer and ales. They also produce their version of craft beers with a minimum of two available always on tap. 

This great hangout spot in Carlisle has a traditional English pub vibe to it, down to the shepherd’s pie offering on their huge food menu. From their huge on-tap selection to their full bar, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Desperate Times Brewery

This unique brewery can easily top our list of places to grab a home-brewed craft beer in Carlisle. Their brews have won local and national awards. 

So, if you are a beer fanatic and love trying out the different varieties of high-quality beer in offering then, Desperate Times Brewery must be your place of choice. Every beer is well crafted with strong flavors and true essence. 

That’s not all, the food served here is phenomenal too, including a half-dozen authentic German sausages to chow down on with your beer. They have a kid-friendly menu and you’ll see families show up for their weekly Thursday trivia night.


Grand Illusion Hard Cider

When you think brewery, don’t just think beer! Grand Illusion is a hard and wine bar featuring 15 varieties of ciders, 8 different choices of wines and a selection of beers too. Our favorite way of enjoying their rotating ciders is to do a tasting, served on a paddle of course. If you are confused, their knowledgeable service staff is always out to help you choose.

A great hangout spot a couple doors from the Carlisle Theatre, make sure to try their delicious flatbreads. Get them all and split it with your friends. You won’t regret it.

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